See above question...I just signed up for the free account through Justin Cener.
It looks like I have to upgrade.
Which upgrade?
FOR THE SHORT TERM, I am ONLY looking for the number of tee shirts /apparel units sold... which level do I need to upgrade to?
Marcus Cohen
I searched the word "Mother" and I get fishing, warrior, father's day... but ZERO on mothers. also, every image is broken search results.
No Status
I paid for a starter and immediately realized i need the business package. Well instead of paying the additional 70 it would take to upgrade, I wasn't able to receive the $30 credit I had JUST paid for literally minutes before. And to boot, I sent a request asking for help with this, heard nothing, [...] See More
I can not access to facebook posts where the shirt is listed, it is the reason why I purshase
No Status
I can't sub for some reason
This is clearly a Tshirt tool so, why do I keep getting a lot of items that are not Tshirts?
or at least a way to remove none t-shirt campaigns from the list.
Is it possible to add a feature that we could see which tags are being used in the currently campaign that we are watching?
possibly have a feature that helps with facebook ads. I am struggling due to the way I am trying to sell on facebook. I know Im not getting it right and paying way too much for fb campaigns. im selling shirts but paying too much for the ads. any help would be great. also, i signed up for the free tr [...] See More