The linked design is under express ownership of the President of my company, and you do not have permission to be using it. The design needs removed from your page, and any customers refunded and directed appropriately. We will pursue this, as we take theft of our work very seriously.
https://teespy [...] See More
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Please remove this link to my artwork:
I have NOT provided you with my permission to display my artwork on your website. I will remit to you a formal DMCA notification once I have thoroughly searched your site for further copyright infringm [...] See More
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I'm trying to buy the prof biz plan, but there's a glitch on your end
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Hi I'm on the pro plan and the images are not showing on the app and on the teespring website. Not sure if the issue is on your website, teespring's or my own pc. How do I fix this?
See above question...I just signed up for the free account through Justin Cener.
It looks like I have to upgrade.
Which upgrade?
FOR THE SHORT TERM, I am ONLY looking for the number of tee shirts /apparel units sold... which level do I need to upgrade to?
Marcus Cohen
I searched the word "Mother" and I get fishing, warrior, father's day... but ZERO on mothers. also, every image is broken search results.
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I paid for a starter and immediately realized i need the business package. Well instead of paying the additional 70 it would take to upgrade, I wasn't able to receive the $30 credit I had JUST paid for literally minutes before. And to boot, I sent a request asking for help with this, heard nothing, [...] See More
I can not access to facebook posts where the shirt is listed, it is the reason why I purshase
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I can't sub for some reason
This is clearly a Tshirt tool so, why do I keep getting a lot of items that are not Tshirts?
or at least a way to remove none t-shirt campaigns from the list.
Is it possible to add a feature that we could see which tags are being used in the currently campaign that we are watching?
possibly have a feature that helps with facebook ads. I am struggling due to the way I am trying to sell on facebook. I know Im not getting it right and paying way too much for fb campaigns. im selling shirts but paying too much for the ads. any help would be great. also, i signed up for the free tr [...] See More